Mary Astor (1904-1987) was an American actress who
  • Mary Astor
  • Mary Astor in Don Juan (1926)
overcame scandal in her career to be one of the more successful actresses of her era.

Appearing her first movie at 14, she enjoyed a long career that carried on into the sound era. She was sued by her parents for financial support, and she was also dragged through the mud in a nasty child support case by her ex-husband with his claims that she slept around, a claim at the time that could critically damage a career.

Astor is best known for her appearance in The Maltese Falcon and won an Oscar for Best Support Actress in the 1941 film, The Great Lie. She moved into television in her later years before finally retiring in 1964.

Astor died of emphysema in 1987.


  • Don Juan (1926) - Astor has her hands tied to a rack. The same clip appears in the 1970 film Start the Revolution Without Me