The ball gag is a gag that consists of a ball or spherical object that is placed inside the mouth,

The ball gag

and secured with a strap, harness or cord that runs through the ball. A staple of bondage in the BDSM and S&M community, it is rare to see in mainstream film and television due to its fetish nature and pecularity to the unknowning vanilla public. The first ball gag to appear in mainstream film was in the 1989 film "Night Visitor" with Teri Weigel. In 1992, we saw what was likely the first ball gag appearance on television with Michelle Bronson in an episode of HBO's "Tales From The Crypt."

The ball gag truly entered pop culture in 1994 in the film "Pulp Fiction" when sported by captives Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames, and since then has been seen more frequently in on-screen depictions of either S&M scenarios and normal DiD scenes.