The OTM gag, also known as the "detective gag" or
  • An OTM (Over-The-Mouth) gag
  • OTM gag, also known as Detective Gag
  • OTM gag
  • OTM gag
"over-the-mouth" gag, is a cloth that is pulled over the mouth and tied behind the head. Not an effective method of silencing, it was still the most popular method of gagging in films in 1930's and 1940's. It is sometimes called the "detective gag" because of its prevalence in crime dramas of the era.

As the cleave gag to become more common in the 1960's, the OTM gag began to disappear, more than likely because of its perceived ineffectiveness (although with mouth stuffing, it does become a better tool for silencing the victim.)

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