Ainsley Earhardt (1978-    ) is a news correspondent /
  • Ainsley Earhardt
  • Ainsley Earhardt on Fox and Friends (2013)
  • Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends (2013)
  • Ainsley Earhardt
 talk show host mainly known for her work on Fox News. She began her career as a journalist in Columbia, South Carolina, heading to San Antonio, Texas, before winding up at the Fox News network in 2007.

One of a good many attractive correspondents on the network, Earhardt has been known to take on some of the more demanding tasks for her segments, including skydiving and flying with the Thunderbirds. She makes mention here becase she also allowed herself to be kidnapped and held prisoner for a news story on rescue/survival seminars taught by former Navy Seals.


Fox and Friends (2013) News Segment, aired July 24, 2013 - Earhardt reports on Corporate Executives' Extreme Training Exercise. She allows her self to get her wrists duct taped together and demonstates how to break the tape. Later, she is the "hostage" to be rescued. She is kidnapped, blindfolded, and carried away to a "hideout" where she has her hands bound. Later, she talk to the other anchors about how she was tied up, and escaped.