Jacqueline Gadsden (1900-1986), a.k.a. Jane Daly,
  • Jacqueline Gadsden
  • Jacqueline Gadsden (Jane Daly) in The Mysterious Island (1929)
  • Jacqueline Gadsden (Jane Daly)
was an American actress best known for starring opposite Clara Bow in It. A very beautiful leading lady, she appeared in 25 films in a seven year period before retiring. She appeared under the name Jane Daly in her last two films, including the retelling of a Jules Verne novel, The Mysterious Island.

In The Mysterious Island, her character is tightly tied to a chair and gagged with a large stick or tube of some sort, held in her mouth by rope. This is believed to be the first instance of a bit gag in cinema.


  • The Mysterious Island (1929) - Sonia (Gadsen) is kidnapped and has her hands tied behind her to a large metal ring on a beach. Earlier, she is very securely tied to a chair and bit-gagged.