Marion Mack (1902-1989) was an Amercian actress best
  • Marion Mack
  • Marion Mack in The General (1926)
  • Marion Mack in The General (1927)
known for her role opposite Charlie Chaplin in The General.

Born Joey Marion McCreery, Mack's career on-screen was relatively short. After the disappointment of spending too much time on location, she quit acting and went into screenwriting. After World War 2, she went into real estate.

The General was essentially a forgotten film until it had a revivial in the late 60's, bolstered in large part by Mack herself, who promoted and toured with the film, appearing at viewings around the country.

She died in 1989.


  • The General (1926) - Mack is bound and OTM gagged. Later she is bound, but no longer gagged.