Allene Ray (1901-1979) is an American actress who
  • Allene Ray
  • Allene Ray in Hawk of the Hills (1927)
enjoyed success as a serial heroine in the 1920's. Her career came to a quick end allegedly because her squeaky voice did not appeal outside of the Silent Era.

Ray died of cancer in 1979.


  • The Fortieth Door (1924) Serial - Ray is tied to the rack. In a later chapter, she is mummified.
  • Sunken Silver (1925) Serial - Ray her her wrists tied behind her back.
  • Snowed In (1926) Serial - Ray is hanging from a tree by one bound wrist.
  • Hawk of the Hills (1927) Serial - Handgagged and dragged off in the opening chapter. In the second chapter, Ray has her hands tied behind her, and ropes wrapped around her upper body. Later, she, along with Walter Miller, has her hands tied overhead to a metal ring fastened to a wall.
  • The Black Book (1929) Serial - In chapter 3, Ray has her hands tied behind her to her waist and she is OTM gagged.