Gloria Swanson (1899-1983) was an early American
  • Gloria Swanson
  • Gloria Swanson in Teddy at the Throttle (1917)
actress and fashion icon, and one of the early stars of Hollywood. Born in Chicago, she took small roles around town before moving to California, where she met and began working with Mack Sennett. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1929 for The Trespasser and was nominated for two others.

A vegetarian since 1928, she was an advocate alternative medicine and raw diets. She continued to work through the late 70's, on stage more than on screen. She died in 1983 at 84 years of age.


  • Teddy at the Throttle (1917) - Swanson is chained to the railroad tracks at her waist, and she calls for Teddy (a dog) to come save her.